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Areas of Interest & Beauty

The Most Stunning Sights in Edinburgh

Leith, Murrayfield, Stockbridge, Craigmillar, Old Town, the West End; Edinburgh is home to many famous areas, each of which has their own distinct history, legacy and landmarks. Making use of the capital’s public transport, and the compact nature of the city, you can explore many of these iconic parts of a wider city.

If you’re visiting Edinburgh for the first time, you’ll naturally be drawn to the city centre, which is indeed where the majority of the city’s most popular landmarks, attractions and events are to be found. The city centre is made up of three areas: New Town, Old Town and the West End, all of which are at least partially within Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The New Town is the city’s economic centre, with many big businesses and excellent shopping destinations, while the Old Town, as the name suggests, is the historic centre of Edinburgh, and where you’ll find the castle. The West End has a somewhat cosmopolitan feel, with many of the city’s theatres and restaurants found within it.

Away from the very centre, there are still many exciting places to explore. Leith, regarded as the port of Edinburgh, is found to the north of the city, and is home to many excellent pubs, as well as some of the city’s smaller festivals. Murrayfield is another popular tourist spot, particularly due to Murrayfield Stadium, home of the Scotland National Rugby Union Team, being found in the area.

As is the case with most historic cities, the best way to see hidden gems, and make the most of your time here, is to simply get out and explore. With the trams recently being put into operation, getting around the city is easier than ever.

Old Town Edinburgh
Old Town Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Old Town

Old Town
St Vincent Street copyright dun_deagh licensed under CC
St Vincent Street copyright dun_deagh licensed under CC

Edinburgh's New Town

New Town
Usher Hall Usher Hall copyright Tony Hisgett licensed under CC
Usher Hall Usher Hall copyright Tony Hisgett licensed under CC

The West End

West End

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